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Creating Marketing Material for Franklin Offshore

A major player in the marine lifting cables industry, Franklin Offshore required a marketing/promotional video to introduce their latest product to the market.

For this project, our team headed down to their yard to observe how the cable was created before creating a 3D Model. In addition, a script was written after discussions with their marketing managers in order to fully understand what they wished to portray to their customers, as well as to be used for the creation of a suitable voiceover.

The following are some stills straight from the visualization!

A still from the introductory shot, showing off the new MAKLOK Cable.

From the "stress testing" shot, this attempts to demonstrate how the new cable can take stress better than the current line of cables.

A still from the "unravelling" shot, demonstrating that conventional cables can unravel after a period of use, a problem the new MAKLOK Cable will never encounter.
A shot from the "under stress" shot, showing how conventional cables are stressed due to the intricate braiding.

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